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South Africa

This section is all about our time in South Africa, we will be traveling through and living in some parts of the country, as usual this is where you’ll find updates of places we’re visiting and our usual cheeky shenanigans.

On the road again part two

Written by Super User on January 22, 2015

Dunes in Sesriem

Start: November 18, 2014, Fish River Canyon, Namibia
Finish: December 5, 2014, Torra Bay, Namibia
Number of dunes climbed: 4
Number of flat tires: 1
Number of weaver finches recruited as minions: sadly zero

After crossing the border of South Africa to Namibia we head north in search of sand dunes and deserts. We have our first flat tire, try and tame some finches and rediscover some spectacular campsites.


On the road again

Written by Kobus on December 3, 2014

Belerev the house

Start: August 1st, Knysna, South Africa
Finish: November 17th, 2014, Cape Town
Number of days spent in Casa Ridiculous: 107
Bins purchased: 5
Trips planned: 1

Our last update was back in May just before we left South Africa to return to the US for Overland Expo. It was during Expo that we started talking about returning to South Africa. Jess and her Google-Foo found us a house that would be cheaper than the rent we would pay in Seattle. So not long after returning to the States, we bought new tickets and hopped on a plane back to South Africa.

We spent the last 3 months in Casa Ridiculous, in Knysna South Africa. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, watching the whales cavort in the surf in front of the house and feeding hundreds of birds. We even tried to start a little herb garden.


South Africa – a journey of rediscovery Part 2

Written by Kobus on May 8, 2014

Route map of South Africa{jcomments lock}Four months ago Jessica and I set out on a journey of rediscovery. A journey that would crisscross through South Africa in hopes to find what I missed about my home country. What we stumbled upon were memories long forgotten, of foods, people and places most spectacular. Pinpointing what I missed about South Africa is no easy task.

Looking back at the months leading up to our trip, I have the same feeling as I did when we left Mexico. The stories and news had a common theme. Theft, rape, armed robberies, smuggling... the list goes on. Enough to put anyone on high alert.

During our four month, 5,000 mile journey, not once did we experienced any type of crime or encounter any bribe attempts, muggings, pickpockets, shakedowns or theft.

I am not saying they don't happen, but I can't help think that South Africa is not as treacherous as it is made out to be. Like most places in the world, a little common sense goes a long way.

After 4 months rediscovering South Africa, and now back in the States, I can tell you much more clearly, what it is that I miss about home...


Wrapping up our tour of South Africa

Written by Jessica on April 23, 2014

Cape Augulas South Africa

Start: February 1, Cape Town {jcomments lock}
Finish: March 15, Olifantsfontein
Number of ostriches that can fit in a truck: 84
Cutest baby animals: Cheetahs (followed by miniature horses)

From the beaches and Indian restaurants of Cape Town we head east along the coast to explore the rest of the cape. We spend weeks in the middle of nowhere, track down Kobus' ancestors, and stand in awe at the diversity and beauty of South Africa. 


Cape Town: It's all about the Vindaloo

Written by Jessica on March 22, 2014

Cape Town from Table Mountain

Start: January 1, Joburg{jcomments lock}
Finish: February 1, Cape Town
Bottles of wine purchased in one day: 18
Sailing vocabulary words learned: Millions
Best food in Cape Town: Chicken Vindaloo

After a few weeks in Joburg, hanging out with the fam, we were ready to get traveling again. We packed up Blue #2, and hit the road first thing New Year's Day. Good to be headed south again. We spent a week touring the cape area, drinking wine, and basking in the beautiful African sunshine. 


Christmas and The Kruger National Park

Written by Jessica on February 15, 2014

Jessica having her first South Africa beerStart: December 5, Seattle WA{jcomments lock}
Finish: January 1, Johannesburg, South Africa
Types of meat eaten: at least 10
Animals seen: 50 +
Trees with pubs inside: 1
Money spent on illegal fireworks: not allowed to say

{jcomments lock}The past several months Jess and I have been preparing for our trip to South Africa, working on projects and getting things squared away for our journey of rediscovery

Two days before our flight, our trusty 4Runner, Blue, started misfiring. Our efforts to fix the problem failed, and we ended up at a mechanic. The conclusion: we needed new fuel injectors. Cost to repair $1000 and a weeks time. Greeaatttt. Thankfully family nearby let us borrow cars to get us until flight day... and poor Blue is parked until our return. 

On our flight from Amsterdam to South Africa every other passenger was reading a newspaper headlined "Farewell Mandela". All I could think of were his words “When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.” That is all I wish for Madiba.

Our arrival in South Africa was as expected, hugs, kisses, laughs and tears. There were definietly some moments of "wow this place changed" but mostly Jess and I were tired and dirty from flying for 31 hours. A hot shower, some beer, food and a good nights rest was pretty much all we wanted.


South Africa – a journey of rediscovery

Written by Kobus on January 9, 2014

argentina asado{jcomments lock}It has been a little under five years since I have been home in South Africa and a little over 15 since I have been home for the holidays. And while I know things change, I secretly hope that this pretty little picture in my head is not lying to me.

Throughout my travels around the world people have asked me what is it that I miss the most about home, about South Africa. I used to answer without hesitation “the meat”. That all changed once we entered Argentina, where the beef was better than any memory of beef back home.

It was not until then that I realized that I no longer knew what I miss about South Africa. I felt like I had lost a part of what made me, me. All of a sudden I felt that I could not call myself a South African, that I was without a country I call my own. I have been struggling with this.