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  1. Quick facts
  • Total days on the road: 586
  • Currently in: USA
  • Miles Driven: 36821
  • Countries Visited: 17
  • Days Camping: 389
  • Days Indoors: 202

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Quick Facts

Written by Kobus on October 24, 2011

Below are a few statistics we've gathered on our journey. This should help put things into perspective and give you an idea of the good, bad and ugly that we've faced thus far.

Last Updated: July 3, 2013

Miles Driven: 36821

Continents: 3

North America
South America

Countries Visited: 17

Chile x 4
Argentina x 5

Days Camping: 389
Days Indoors: 202

Days of Rain: 115

Days Spent Working: 147

Fish Caught and Eaten: 13

Broken Fishing Rods: 1

Band-aids Used:

Kobus: 32 + 1/2 roll of rolled gauze

Number of hands burnt: 2

Natural Disasters Survived: Lost count

Earthquakes: 3
Volcanic eruptions: numerous (one captured on film, check out Facebook!)

Street Tacos Consumed: 25

Beer Breweries Toured: 3

Coffee Farms Toured: 3

Cigar Factories Toured: 2

Robbed: 1

Costa Rica - two stoves, two gas bottles, a whole mess of kitchen utensils & Kobus' shorts!

Tents Replaced: 1 (Kobus & Jess)
Tent Poles Replaced: 1 (Jared)
Tent Patches Used: 7

Vehicle repairs

Oil changes: 3
Rear axle seal replaced: 2
Break pads replaced: 2 rear, 4 front
Light bulbs: 6
Flat tires: 6
Skid plate bolts replaced: 3

Cars towed by Blue

Out of the sand - 2
Up a steep hill - 1 (nacho)

River Crossings:

Guatemala: 2
Costa Rica: 34
Colombia: 3
Peru: 2
Bolivia: 4

Confirmed road kills:

Guatemala: 1 (black bird)
Panama: 1 (yellow fly catcher)
Ecuador: 1 (small brownish bird)
Peru: 1 (small black bird)
Chile: 4 (all small birds)
Argentina: 3 (small birds)
Uruguay: 1 (brown blur)
Brazil: 2 (small brown bird and one snake)
USA: 2 (rattle snake and little brown bird)

Searched / Passed through at Security Check Points

Mexico: 4/26
Honduras: 3/13
Colombia: 3/30
Ecuador: 1/1
Peru: 8/13


#2 clayton 2012-07-31 22:26
thank you for your help, we are driving from California to chile (currently in Nicaragua) and we are just winging it on this crazy adventure. thank you!
Dotan Negrin
#1 Dotan Negrin 2012-07-13 21:06
Im coming down to meet you guys! Wait up for me!

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