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Kitchen Gear

Written by Jared on September 29, 2011

Part one of our series of packing list articles covering all things food related. From camp kitchen gear to food storage and cleanup. Below are lists and links to the products that we'll be schlepping across 13 countries for the next fifteen months.

For the most part we'll be living out of seven plastic bins so space is obviously a problem. Justifying, researching and buying each piece of gear has taken us a very long time. The first order was placed seven months ago, and we're currently on a first name basis with our delivery guy.

Kitchen Bin

Our kitchen bin.

  1. MSR Whisperlite International Liquid-Fuel Stove – A small, lightweight, backpacking stove that burns on white gas, jet fuel, unleaded auto gasoline and boils water in minutes!
  2. MSR Dragonfly International Stove – Another top of the line backpacking stove. We chose this as an alternate to the whisperlite because of its ability to control heat and simmer food.
  3. 2 MSR Fuel Bottle 20 oz. –  for the stoves above.
  4. Pot Set – A two pot, nested titanium pot set. We had this from backpacking gear and thought it was the best to take with. If we were going to buy something for this trip, we probably wouldn’t have spent the extra cash for titanium.
  5. 2 Fry Pans with Lids – From the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). There are no better fry pans in the world.
  6. Fire / Grill Tongs – Bought in South Africa. The world’s best fire poking tongs.
  7. 3 Knives with covers – Jared’s three favorite Henkel knives. 8-Inch Chef's Knife, a 5-Inch Utility Knife and a 4-Inch Paring Knife . Protected with three Lamson & Goodnow KnifeSafes.
  8. 3 Norpro Flexible Cutting Boards – Super cheap, flexible and easy to use.
  9. 1 regular plastic cutting board – Mostly for chopping up lunch food when we’re on the road.
  10. Lighters & Matches
  11. Estwing Sportsman's Hatchet - For chopping wood, hammering tent pegs, and generally making Jessica wonder if the health insurance with a $2,500 deductible was such a good idea.
  12. Plastic Dish Set – 4 bowls, cups and plates – Pretty typical camping dish wear

    Kitchen bin utensils.
  13. Slotted Spoon, regular spoon and folding spatula – Actually we purchased a new plastic spoon set, with smaller handles, not shown here.
  14. Lexan utensils (4 knives, spoons, and forks)
  15. Bottle opener & cork screw
  16. Pliers – Used as a pot holder, just way more durable than the typical cheap aluminum pot grips.
  17. Peeler
  18. Bag for all utensils
  19. Cooking tongs (not pictured) – About 12 inch metal tongs, OXO brand, good for cooking on the fire.
  20. Cheese slicer (not pictured) – A small wooden slicer with wire. Small and handy, and a gift from Mom. Thanks Mom!
  21. Can opener (not pictured)
  22. LED Lantern (not pictured) – A small LED lantern that takes 3 AA batteries. Powerful, yet tiny.

Dishes Bin

Dishes bin

  1. The bin – A smaller bin just big enough to fill with soapy water for cleaning dishes or doing small batches of laundry.
  2. Sponge
  3. Pot scrapers
  4. Grill Brush – Actually just the replacement top for another grill brush.
  5. Nail Brush – Not for our nails, but for scrubbing extra dirty things.
  6. Quick Dry Towels – For drying dishes.
  7. Paper Towels
  8. Dish Soap
  9. Bleach – Soon to be replaced with the towelette versions. We have for sanitizing the fridge if it's been off for a few days.
  10. Ziploc bags – for storing wet sponges and towels
  11. Laundry soap (not pictured)

Food Bins

Food bins

  1. One large food bin – mostly for groceries
  2. One small bin – mostly for basic food items we use frequently
  3. Tupperware containers – A set of 4 tupperware that usually end up in the fridge.
  4. 12 bottles for spices – Nalgene 6 oz. bottles. Our spices of choice: salt, pepper, yeast, cinnamon, cayenne, Italian seasoning, peri-peri seasoning, chipotle seasoning, curry, Mediterranean seasoning, and garlic powder
  5. Sugar bottles – for white and brown sugar
  6. Coffee containers
  7. Oil
  8. Ziploc bags
  9. Hot sauce
  10. Vinegar
  11. Bread bags
  12. Aluminum foil

That's it! Everything we need to cook our meals and hopefully nothing extra. Time will tell!

Disclaimer: Some of the links above utilize Amazon's affiliate program, meaning if you purchase the item from Amazon we receive a small commission. We only link to products that we own and would recommend to others. See our full Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.

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