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On the road again

Written by Kobus on December 3, 2014

Belerev the house

Start: August 1st, Knysna, South Africa
Finish: November 17th, 2014, Cape Town
Number of days spent in Casa Ridiculous: 107
Bins purchased: 5
Trips planned: 1

Our last update was back in May just before we left South Africa to return to the US for Overland Expo. It was during Expo that we started talking about returning to South Africa. Jess and her Google-Foo found us a house that would be cheaper than the rent we would pay in Seattle. So not long after returning to the States, we bought new tickets and hopped on a plane back to South Africa.

We spent the last 3 months in Casa Ridiculous, in Knysna South Africa. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, watching the whales cavort in the surf in front of the house and feeding hundreds of birds. We even tried to start a little herb garden.

Hiking with the fam

Casa Ridiculous had enough space and rooms to fit a small army, so we invited a whole bunch of people to come visit, and some actually showed up! Jessica’s mom came from Seattle and my parents from Joburg. We did loads of tourist things, went for a hiking in the Knysna Forrest, and our mothers went shopping together dragging my dad around as chauffeur, and like usual, we ate way too much good food.

Of course, life at the beach-side villa wouldn’t last forever. High season came, and our cheap rent disappeared, and then there’s that travelers itch. (No, not that itch, that’s bed bugs… this is a different one.) We’ve been here too long… let’s go somewhere… see something… So, we started brainstorming and recollecting. And this is what we came up with.

The road map for Namibia / Botswana 2014

Our first overland trip was 3-weeks long, through Botswana and Namibia in 2006. We were newlyweds. Our family thought we were insane. We loved every minute of it. So we decided to return, doing almost exactly the same route as our honeymoon, but in reverse.

Ford Fiesta used for Botswana / Namibia 2006

This was our first overland vehicle, a 2001 Ford Fiesta with 13-inch tires and zero ground clearance. We used cardboard boxes for storage, a 4 season tent (a.k.a. the oven), a crappy cooler and some old camp chairs. We were broke, unemployed, and couldn’t care less. 

Test Pack done

This time we upgraded. At least the Subaru has 4 doors and all-wheel drive. But there was still packing and planning to do. Trying to put together some sort of overland setup with the few things we’d brought with. We opted for a cooler, rather than a fridge, and bins rather than boxes. Thankfully we still have our trusty ground tent.

First Party

Packed and loaded we headed to Cape Town. Where we thought it fitting to start the trip with a party. It’s a good tradition (remember the party that kicked off the last trip). Of course it’s much better if it’s someone else’s party, and if there's free booze. This was a trio of birthdays, my grandmothers 70th, my aunts 40th and my mom’s “36th”. The first two came in the form of a masquerade ball, hence the wigs and masks. 

Mom's Birthday Party

And my mom’s birthday was a surprise seafood extravaganza that won’t soon be forgotten. (See she definitely does not look more than 36). And with the celebrations over, we loaded up Blue 2 and headed north to the Namibia border.

Stay Tuned Folks

Believe it or not this photo was taken not long after we first met, on a cruise ship in the Pacific. Little did we know 10 years later, we’d still be romping around the world together.

Next Up: Namibia!


#1 Rhonda 2015-01-20 18:07
The house looks lovely but nice to hear you're back on the road. We overlanded (with a group) on much of that route in 2008 and loved every minute of it. Happy New year!

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